Friday, December 30, 2005


ZST blog

ZST staff start weblog,They will talk about backstage

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Mirko Cro-cop start his Weblog

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


TAKADA's opening performance it a black joke?

As a PRIDE shockwave Opening performance,TAKADA Nobuhiko show us a tap dance.
(maybe it is cut in USA version?)

But,Many J apanese badMMAfan said.

they claim,
"Absolutely, TAKADA is the best player about "TAP"!!!!!!! "

good grief.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


next PANCRASE titlematch is "bad blood"

According to KITAOKA Satoru's blog and pancrase offocial site,

KITAOKA vs INOUE Katsuya (keishukai.PANCRASE welter champ)titlematch is decided.
and this is not only a common titlematch.

2005,INOUE debut HERO'S ,opponent is KIKUCHI Akira(killer Bee).
This was PANCRASE vs SHOOTO champion fight.this two promotion is far from friendship.

but Result is onsidegame,KIKUCH won perfectly.

KITAOKA Said (he is out by injury in elter championship tournament)

"INOUE was far from cool,very agly.But He is not real PANCRASE champ.(because he did not fight me in tournament)

INOUE get angry
"i have already beated KITAOKA in 2004! big mouth boy,shut up!!"

So they has no respect each other
like a Ken shamlock vs Tito .


SHOJI Akira vs MISAKI Kazuo in DEEP

SHOJI"last samurai"Akira vs MISAKI"GRABAKA's hitman"Kazuo is decided.

they meet in 2006 2/5 DEEP

Sunday, December 25, 2005


UEYAMA Ryuki Jump to HERO'S

According to KUMA page

UEYAMA RYuki,the No.1 student of TAMURA kiyoshi will fight in HERO'S from 2006.
He make a new team(management group)"Team Kings"(Agent is same as NAGATA katsuhiko,agent is AOKI Ryo).
He contract with K-1 through this team

Friday, December 23, 2005


TANIGAWA deny FUJITA'S dymamite! coming

In 12/23 Press conference,TANIGAWA said

"We can not negociate FUJITA said now,can not comunicate at all.
Time limit coming,Maybe He doe not fight in Dynamite!"


Season's Greeting

Today,japan is already 12/24.

(and 12/23 is JAPAN MIKADO(empeler)'s birthday)

Merry christmas or Happy holiday,everyone!


Dynamite! new cards MASATO come,and Herring too

Masato vs OOHIGASHI Akira (k-1rule)
Peter Arts vs OYAMA shungo
NAKAO Suehiro vs Heath Herring

MASATO is said that He can not fight for recovery from injury.
but He come to Dynamite! as last joker.

His comment
"many fans say"In This year,PRIDE exceed Dynamite!"
This is reason that I fight "

K-1ルール 3分3R延長1R 72キロ契約>
<HERO’Sルール 5分3R>
ピーター・アーツ(オランダ/チーム アーツ)vs大山峻護(日本/フリー)
<HERO’Sルール 5分3R>


Thursday, December 22, 2005


basic info about "new Year eve TVwar"

As Zach Arnold saite said,
(Go from left link or
Fuji TV is now dispatching another one of their stars to NHK's Kohaku show, this time being Gorie (the name comes from the fact that the person looks like a gorilla) -- a cross-dresser who has a very successful CD. Fuji TV is attempting to spin this as some sort of promotion of PRIDE's event on the Red & White show (which is intriguing, because NHK is not allowed to market or promote on its own programs).

There is a semi national TV station"NHK" in Japan.
Although it does not have extreme and exciting entertainment program,it is king of TV,it has many killer contents.

and in new year eve night.They are on air "Kouhaku Uta gassen"(Red and white show).japanese famous singers gather ,and sing this year's hit songs.NHK dominate TV watcher this nite,
sate was 50-70% in more than 40years.

But from 2001,MMA challange this monster TV program.
And finally,2003 AKEBONO vs Bob Sapp overcome NHK program.
this was miracle,
and MASATO vs YAMAMOTO"kid"Nori was great TV rating.


2006,New Big MMA promotion start!

Keishu-Kai(GCM) begin new MMA event"MARS".
in 2006 2/4 Ariake Colossum
Mitsuoka Eiji vs Vitor"shaolin"RIbeiro
MONMA hideki vs Rodorigo Gracie
HAMANAKA Kazuhiro vs OZAKI Hiroki

and YANO"oriental mistery"takumi also fight there.
in this press conference,TANIGAWA k-1producer come too.
He aaanounce"Although this day has K-1MAX too,but We(k-1)support MARS completely"

GCM is doing Octagon MMA "D.O.G",But MARS use RING.
official site

If you are fighter or manager,and you hope to take part in this event,You had better send Email.
When you are 70kg fighter,it is good as YANO Takumi's opponent

決定対戦カード光岡映二 vs ヴィトー“シャオリン”ヒベイロ門馬秀貴 vs ホドリゴ・グレイシー浜中和宏 vs 尾崎広紀ほか出場予定選手弘中邦佳、矢野卓見、渋谷修身試合場はリングを使用。会見には谷川氏も出席し、当日はK-1 MAXと同日開催ながらFEGの全面的なバックアップを表明したそう。公式HPはこちら 


TANIGAWA said "we have one more surprise"

Tanigawa K-1 producer talk in internet inteview program
"yahoo Japan livetalk"(maybe you can see by internet screaming)

He said there
"Tomorrow(12/23 in japan),We annaunced one more "surprise" .
he has love to K-1"

and,other internet article describe K-1source said"the man who is said he is out will be back"
KAKUTA or Che hong man?


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Big News! TOKORO Hideo vs Royce

news source is tokoro himself(his official blog)


My newyear eve opponent is changed.
He is Royce Gracie.
maybe you have many opinions about it,
But,I will show you great match,just do it

And NAGATA katyuhiko(first plan's his opponent ) face Remigijus Morkevicius. I am glad to fight with lemiga.
These two men is member of little promotion(ZST).and our body is small too.
but,We will show you best fight in the biggest promotion!!

ダイナマイトの対戦相手が変りました。相手は、ホイス・グレイシーです。いろんな意見があると思いますが、とにかく試合で魅せたいと思います。レミギウスの相手は、永田選手になりました。ダイナマイトという大きな大会に、レミギウスと一緒に出れる事を、凄くうれしく思うし、心強く感じてます。小さな団体の、小さな二人が、ダイナマイトという大きな舞台で、最高の試合を魅せたいと思います!今回、怪我で欠場する秋山さんの分も 頑張るつもりでリングに立ちたいです。

AKIYAMA is out by injury/
by the way,TOKORO is 65kg
Royce is 78kg?



As you know,DSE announced new PRIDE shockwave cards

SAKURABA"IQwrestler"kazushi vs MINOWA"the punk"Ikuhisa
Giant Silva vs J.Tompson
E.Alexunder vs Pauel Natura

Check other english sites!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


FUJITA Kazuyuki"QUO VADIS?"2nd

latest "Weekly fight" expect that FUJITA fight in PRIDE shockwave.

they describe that His opponent will be J.Tompson.

but some media regard him as candidate of Dynamite!

【 DSE/PRIDE 】 どっちが本当? < 特命

Monday, December 19, 2005


this man said "Big japanese X come to PRIDE"....but!

Very famous MMA cameraman (UFC official cameraman)NAGAO susumu said in his blog like this
"by the way,this is super off the record new
the great Japanese X coming soon to PRIDE shock wave.
Initial? no,If I write his initial,al of you know.He is too popular like this.
one hint,He is not PRIDE virsin,but veteran.and this is prolog og 2006 PRIDEheavy GP"

but now, this page is cahged like this.

"This entry's reflection was too big,so I have already deleted it"




The biggest net company start Internet (free) movie survice,it include MMA

the biggest IT company in Japan "SOFT BANK"annouced that they start "yahoo douga(movie)".by their group's new company "TV bank"
16000 movie is free,15000movie is Pay Per View.

this movie include MMA.

for example*


FUJITA kazuyuki,"QUO VADIS?"

Which does Fujita choice,K-1Dynamite! or PRIDE shockwave?

This is mistery.
Weekly fight described He will go to k-1.

but,famous Pro-wrestling journalist Gong Kanazawa("GK") said,"he will go to PRIDE maybe"he has deep news source about FUJITA.

And kanazawa said,"FUJITA does not cancel NJPW1/4,This is far from contract. this was flyng announcement of NJPW,responsibility is on NJPW side"

Sunday, December 18, 2005



SAKAKIBARA DSE president said

Antonio Rodorigo Noguiera
Pauel Natsura

From SATO Rumina official blog

"i returned my pacific belt(light weightclass) to cimission.
because of challenge to Worl championship.

And BOKU Kotetsu also return his welter pacific belt.
he has a injury of knee"

IMO,BOKU will move to HERO'S as his home ring?


Jerome Le Banner vs. Alan Karaev ?

This article is English,check it

Friday, December 16, 2005


MATSUNE return shooto feather title to comission

MATSUNE Ryota sent back his shooto feather weight class title.
because of knee injury.
By shooto rule,champion have to titlematch in one year(timelimit is 2006 March),but he can not.

but he will be come back in May.

his blog

paraestra"banto"(vice president)WAKABAYASHI taro's blog


From Old version

2282TAMURA vs SAKURABA plan ie end,SAK's next opponent is...
[2005/12/16 21:34]

MMA journalist Kumakubo Hideyuki said
"(Saku's opponent )new candidates are 3 men.
One is middle weight class.
other candidate is heavy weight.
These two men are PRIDE veteran

One more candidate is PRIDE virsin.famous middle fighter "

2281Anderson Silva vs. Minowa
[2005/12/16 19:19]SUMO_99 report Anderson Silva vs. Ikuhisa Minowa maybe happen on PRIDE 12/31

KENEKO ken vs Crazy Horse
[2005/12/15 18:38]Gryphon

PRIDE announced that KANEKO Ken(former famous young actor)vs C"crazy horse"benett is decided.look at other site!
2279Che Hong Man does not take part in Dynamite!

[2005/12/15 04:40]Gryphon is "No adequate Opponent"Official HP also delete his name

2278Musashi vs. Sapp
[2005/12/14 14:03]Van Funk
K-1 rules at Dynamite!!

2277K-1 has "The biggest X"?
[2005/12/14 05:08]Gryphon

Shukan jitsuwa and Weekly fight reported that K-1 is now negociating to "THE BIGGEST X".If hew fight MMA,too big surprise?and this opponent is FUJITA Kazuyuki(weekly faight said so)


"JAPANESE BEAT"blogversion start!

Although old" Japanese beat" is BBS style,readers advised me that i should move to weblog.

this is good idea,So I start blog version here.

Please, you also post many news as comment .
you are newswriter too.





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