Saturday, May 13, 2006


Bob Sapp is suddenly out in K-1,What happen?

Although Bob Sapp vs A.Hoosto is planned in K-1 5/13,Bob Sapp is out,

But It is very strange,Far from ordinary situation

One,japan live TV media(CS)announced this card and on air past Sapp vs Hoosto.

When did Sapp's out is decided,

Two,What is the reason of Sapp out?
TV only announce"his accident".There is no detail.
Illlness? injury? contract trouble?

No announce means thi is too delecate

Monday, May 08, 2006


A mafia boss is arrested....

Today,Famous Japanese mafia GOTO Gumi boss is arrested,
Rumor says this influent japanese MMA world.........

rumor rumor,and rumor


In TV rating war.PRIDE win,but...................

In may,Both HERO'S andPRIDE are on air in TV network golden time.
(Usually,HERO'S is on air,but PRIDE is not onair at TV network but CS PPV).

HERO'S 14.5%
PRIDE 17.6%

PRIDE win!!

But,in Today's japan,strange boxer has a popularity

KAMEDA Brothers,
He has a big mouth,and performance,,,,Strong?mmmmmm
But,They are now superstar,
Their fight is also on air,TV rating is 23%!!

TBS「HERO'S」14.5% 「PRIDE無差別級GP」17.6%

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Press conference of SAKURABA

You should read this article.
This is too delecate for me to translate it


PRIDE-USA event is decided?

SAKAKIBARA said"We decidec PRIDE las vegas.Time is Octobor.We announce it officialy in May.halla capacity is 17000-20000"



Why SAKURABA can jump to HERO'S ftrom PRIDE

SITE "Angle japan"answered to this question

Because..............PRIDE contracted with not SAKURABA himself but TAKADA Dojo.

So DSE can controle TAKADA Dojo by contract,But when SAKURABA leave this gym,Saku become complete free.

And TANIGAWA contact to him,and succeed shakehand!!

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