Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Lemy Bomjasky is out in 3/5 K-1 NZshow

Although Lemy vs Rey Sefo is planed as main event k-1NZ show 3/5.

But Lemy hurted his left leg in training.
So new cards is F.Botta vs Rey Sefo


Monday, February 27, 2006


pro-wrestling two topics

Pro-wrestling Noah will start offical English video sale,
They make USA campany(from weekly pro-wrestling).


In Fightopinion radio show,Josh barnett said that he is interested in "hustle"


TK announce that he will retire

TK said
"i won in PRIDE,If I can be choiced as PRIDE unlimitedweight tournament member,This tournament is my last fight"


PAMPAGE denied tournament,and back to USAshow?

Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson comment after PRIDE-31 pressroom.
"I do not want to fight 2match in one night,because I am unlucky man.
And I am no interested in tournament,and VS heavyweight. I like a slam. "
"in USA,MMA bacome popular and popular now I also want to get bigmoney.I have a child,I have to keep a life,but I love japanese fans too,They respect fighter"

If rampage comne to UFC octagon,big earthquake!!


Sunday, February 26, 2006


GONG kakutougi is finished?

some staff and writers friend said their blog,
famous MMA magazine "GONG kakutougi"writers and editer leave this magazine.

they like maniac topic and technical art,and hate fake.
For eaxmple,This magazine is often interested in Carifornia grappling article.they make"GONG kakutougi grapple"too.

After They leave,Gong magazine will befinish,or style is changed drastic.


友よ、また逢おう 一昨日のこと、ゴン格の宮地編集長が退職となったことを知った。それも本人が望まない形での突然の離職だったようだ。宮地編集長がいないならと、高島学を始めとする編集スタッフはみんなゴン格編集部を離れるという。早くも3月中旬には新雑誌が版元から出るとの噂もあるが、・・・


Friday, February 24, 2006


Please,expect! this is game about PRIDE-31

In PRIDE-31,Josh"babyface assasin"Barnett face NAKAMURA"Ukkari YAWARA kun" Kazuhiiro.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Of course,Josh won,It is Clear
What time will this fight finish? what round is this?
Please expect aexactly, only round and time.

you can write This thread's "Comment".

(EX:I expect,1R,6:17)

the man who expect time and round nearest real result..........he can get this figure.


It is selled only in japan, maybe rare.
hurry up!! War is coming soon !!
(Of course,When Josh is wonby decision or the situation without victory,this game is no count)

After thes game,Final Winner is selected, this man email me for send this figure







KID apologized to RIngdoctor,he accept it

KID,SHooto prpducer SAKAMOTO and NAKAYAMA ringdoctor come to press conference together,

KID apologized to RINGdoctor

"KID pushed my hip by his foot,but He did not kick me,If He really kick,I was injured,I think this was not violence but insult performance,

I accept KID's regret .I like his great fight,But RINGDoctor have to keep dignity and authority to determine Dr.Stop ."

More press conference comment is


other Article


格闘技イベントで恐喝未遂 容疑の暴力団幹部らに逮捕状





YAKUZA (japanese mafia)and MMA event in 2003


I abandon the translation of this newspaper article
(This is not tabroid but quality paper)

because this problem is toooooo important ande delecate for me to translate .

This article must be translated by Better English interpreter than me






(2006年2月24日3時8分 読売新聞)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


shooto backstage traouble 3rd report,Ringdoctor deny it

According to sports houchi site,
RING Doctor(the man was said that KID beat him)denied violence by YAMAMOTO kid Nori

"His leg touch me,just it"

KID騒動 リングドクター「足が当たっただけ」
 山本KID徳郁(28)が暴力行為をしたとして、所属ジムの「KILLER BEE」とともに総合格闘技団体の「日本修斗協会」から無期限出場停止処分を受けた問題について、KIDがリングドクターを殴ったという事実はなかった。リングドクターは「足が当たっただけ」と話している。
(スポーツ報知) - 2月22日21時10分更新

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


2/17 Shooto backstage trouble report second,This ttouble was done by KID!


have you already known it in any English site?

Shooto association announce that they forbid KAMAMOTO"kid"Norifumi and his team"Killer Bee"all members to fight in Shooto official match.
and they forbid KID to come and enter Shooto event hall too.

Shooto association explain,
"because KID(top of killerbee) insult ring docor and did violent action to this doctor when he was checking KIKUCHI Akira's cut after middleweight titlematch KIKUCHI vs AOKI(kikuchi is one of the killer bee member,He lose in 2/17 ) This is the biggest taboo for fighter,and in the ordinary social rule,this is nothing but crime "

February 21, 2006

山本徳郁およびKILLER BEE所属選手に無期出場停止処分
 去る2月17日に行われたサステイン主催・代々木体育館第2競技場大会において、世界ミドル級チャンピオンシップ終了後、控え室にて菊地昭をドクターチェックしていたリングドクターに対し、所属ジム代表である山本徳郁(=山本“KID”徳郁)が謂われ無き理由で暴言を吐いた上、暴力行為を行うという極めて遺憾な自体が発生しました。これは通常の社会ルールにおいては勿論のこと、格闘技選手としては最も行ってはならない蛮行であり、競技運営に対する悪質な妨害であることは明白です。 日本修斗協会では、この非常識極まりない行為を行った山本徳郁およびその所属ジムであるKILLER BEEに対し、当該ドクターおよび全ての関係者に対する早期の公式な謝罪を求めると共に、同ジム所属全選手および関係者を全修斗公式戦(プロ、アマ、グラップリング)への出場停止処分、加えて山本徳郁本人には全公式戦会場への立入禁止処分とすることを決定しました。 今回の行為は格闘技全体のイメージを貶め、その普及に最大の悪影響を与えるものであり、絶対あってはならない行いだと修斗協会では考えます。無法な暴力を振るう者に、格闘技を行う資格はありません。山本徳郁には、一般に知名度のある格闘技選手としての自覚を持った行動と、深い反省を強く求めます。                     日本修斗協会 会長 桜田直樹                          事務局長 若林太郎

Monday, February 20, 2006


kamipro / MMAweekly shakehand,they have aliance

Japanese "PRIDE semi official magazine"kamipro annonuce their latest magazine.

They start new articles .It is Fighter's interview.inteviewer is website "MMAweekly"'s Scott peterson.

Japan's very famous magazine and USA website shakehand.
by this aliance,"MMA weekly"'s popularity become the top in the many USA website for Japanese.
And By Kamipro-DSE connection,PRIDE sercret information supply MMA weekly?

By the way,Latest kamipro has NAKAO Yoshihiro interview too.

NAKAO said
"What was H.Herring's lip? It was too dry!!"
kamipro 最新号の宣伝です !! < kamipro 編集部
kamipro NO.96』は880円(税込)で2月22日(水)発売!! (地域により発売日が異なります)
巻頭カラーは野獣覚醒、藤田和之10ページロングインタビュー! 果たして野獣の選択はPRIDEK-1か!? 聞き手は“GK”金澤克彦だ!!
☆ROAD TO 無差別級GP!! PRIDE.31直前特集!
☆なぜ、いまノゲイラ戦なのか? 田村潔司インタビュー
☆2大メジャー噂の真相匿名座談会! PRIDEK-1UFCの関係はどうなるのか? PRIDE武士道ビッグプロジェクトとは何か? 立ち技中量級の驚ガクの噂とは? 先取り&先走り情報満載!!
☆『MMA WEEKLY』編集長、スコット・ピーターソン、インタビュー連載スタート!!
☆『Dynamite!!』の裏MVP、中尾芳広がついにロングインタビューで登場! あのキス事件の真相を赤裸々に語る!! 「ヒーリングの唇? カサカサでした」
K-1 MAXで大ブレイク! ……し損なった男、飯伏幸太インタビュー
☆“男の憧れ”マサ斎藤が登場! AWA旧友再会対談、マサ斎藤×ニック・ボックウィンクル!!
HGブレイクのいまこそ再評価! 学生プロレス9ページ大特集!!
新日本プロレス大激震特集! 中村祥之、金澤克彦、長尾浩志が語りまくる!!
☆I編集長喫茶店トーク・ラウド 今月は「“殺し”とは何か?」を語ります!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


ROL fighter Knocked TOKORO Hideo out!

Kickboxing fighters from Republic of Lithuania(ROL) show great performance in 2/18 ZST

very popular fighter TOKORO hideo is back to ZST from HERO'S

but young lethuanian Knock TOKORO out by crazy strikings
look this photo

Remigijus Morkevicius also Knock Japanese out in 75seconds.
Attn USA promotion,I recommend lethuanian to USA promotion

Their fightmoney is very reasonable


Shooto's backstage trouble


One of the Shooto's leaders WAKABAYASHI Taro has a weblog.
he comennted about 2/17 YOYOGI 's titlematch AOKI vs KIKUCH in this blog

"We regret to say about backstage trouble after this titlematch.
unreasonable objection and nonsense violence hurt value of these two fighters.If you do it,you are nothing but outlaw!"


Friday, February 17, 2006


SHOOTO Yoyogi 2/17 event

This event gather more than 4000 audience,It was big success.

Main event Kawajiri Tatsuya(champ) vs J.Hansen as titlematch is....only8second,Hansen's low kick hit KAWAJIRI's fallcup.
KAWAJIRI defeat Hansen by challenger's fall

Another titlematch was KIKUCHI Akira(champ)vs AOKI Shinya.

AOKI shew excellent grappling,Although result was decision ,It was onesidegame.
AOKIbecome new champ
But maybe AOKI will retire from MMA .

(because He graduate college and become public servant.It forbid other parttime job.)

SATO Rumina could not win.....He wais knocked out by mount punchs

And,SUDE Masanori also retire from Shooto.ceremony was done,
This guest was GONO Akihiro,He said"Can I come back to Shooto?"
Is this his real hope? or joke? I do not know

Thursday, February 16, 2006


J.Hanzen vs KAWAJIRI Tatsuya

2/17 Shooto YOYOGI sports studium


"A famous family strikes back".....SAKAKIBARA said

SAKAKIBARA Nobuyuki DSE president said
"A famous "Family" come to PRIDE unlimited weight tournament,they will strike back ".......

IN PRIDE,"Family"means Gracie,? or Zulu?



UNO Caol vs Rich Crementi
MIYATA Kazuyuki vs Ivan Menziver
AKIYAMA vs Karam Ibrahim



Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Why do many fans become Anti-NAKAMURA?

In many Japanese BBS,
about next PRIDE,Josh Barnett vs NAKAMURA Kazuhiro

And They hope not Good match but cruel destroy.second killing.

Nakamura lost respect and suport from Japan MMA fans,
Because,He continue fight far from exciting bout.

and Fans feel NAKAMURA is pushed from office too match,

because PRIDE's core gym is Now YOSHIDA Dojo,
"YOSHIDA is good,but other this gym's fighters get too much chance"

Fan thinks so,

So,in many BBS and blog,Japan fan hopes oneside game about this fight

Friday, February 10, 2006



PANCRASE announce that famous pro-wrestler SUGIURA (Noah)take part in PANCRASEheavy weight championship tournament,

He face NOJI Ryuta(Pancrase GAROU,former Kyokushin Karate Young hope).

SUGIURA fight in PRIDE too,1win(Ko Giant Silva) 1lose(0-3 Daniel Gracie)

It is big surprise

Thursday, February 09, 2006


"K-1's main actor is Semmy,AKEBONO is no thank you "


TANIGAWA K-1 producer said"2006K-1's main actor is Semmy,"Who beat Schilt?" this is big theme,and world challenger face him.AKEBONO? He need over 50kg diet,If he can not,We no offer "


Monday, February 06, 2006


DEEP & MARS pickup review

MARS's hall capacity is more than 10000,but audience is maybe 2000-3000,and maybe many fan use free ticket.

Because this event happen suddenly.
K-1MAX reserved this hall,but MASATO decided to fight there.
So K-1 change hall ftom it to SAITAMA Super Arena(capacity is 40000).
So ,K-1 proposed Keishukai lend this hall as frendship price.
So keishukai start MARS suddenly.

MONMA vs ROdorigo is boring fight,that all.
Rodorigo try to takedown,but MONMA cut it,MONMA jumping knee and punch,but it was little damage.

Vitor Shaolin kept one side game.But He could not catch opponent,no impact

Ryan could not have gameplan against submission

DEEP was fullhouse in KOURAKUEN 2300 .

because seven PRIDE Bushido fighjters come.
DEEP is now Farm of PRIDE bushido,
"Which can go to PRIDE SBUSHIDO's ring?"is decided,
But this theme attaract many PRIDE fans.this is good bisiness model.

MISAKI Kazuo vs SHOJI Akira is MISAKI's victory.
He caught Shoji by front choke.
But I think SHOJI should continue -83kg fight

SAKURAI Ryuta vs CHONAN Ryo is CHONAN's TKO victory.
But new champ CHONAN hope Sakurai challenge again.


Josh vs NAKAMURA,rampage vs Yun Don jik


and check other sites!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


FUJITA become free officially


FUJITA declare that he become free agent fighter from February in his official site
he will do press conference somedays after


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