Friday, April 28, 2006


SAKURABA leave takada Dojo?

This is rumor,no official announce,But look at this!1

TAKADA Dojo official site delete SAKURABA and MATSUI from introduce corner.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Wandarei Silva deny PRIDE-GP opening tournament

GONG Kakutougi reported Waidarei Silva inteview

Silva said

"Officiall offer has not come to me yet,"

"I had a rest from vs Arona(2005 12,31).
I thought Shogun go to GP as CB member "

"If I fight in this tournament,I will take part in 2nd tournament as seedfighter"

Saturday, April 15, 2006


WEEKLY GENDAI do "OPEN Question about PRIDE"

Weekly GENDAI continue "INOKI Bom ba ye producer long interview-MMA and YAKUZA".

DSE get angry,They said "We will sue this magazine"

But,This Magazine reaction is..."OPEN QUESTION ABOUT PRIDE"
They ask FUJITV,big network of japan,and sponcer of PRIDE

Big earth quake!! this problem will be official and public issue??

Thursday, April 13, 2006


FUJITA come to PRIDE tournament!

As you know,DSE announced tha FUJITA Kazuyuki fight in PRIDE tournament.

Check other sites!

Monday, April 10, 2006


HERO'S 2006 70 kg tournament

BOUTreview site said

70kg class tournament start in May,85kg class start in August
in 70kg,2005finalists(KID and Genki) are seed.
other fighter

Black manba
MONMA Hideki
Ivan Menziber
A Rosen

ミドル級トーナメント開幕。ライトヘビー級は8月に延期 当初今大会で開幕する予定だったライトヘビー級(仮称/85kg契約を予定)8人トーナメントは、出場予定選手の怪我を理由に、8/5 有明コロシアム大会に延期された。代わりにミドル級トーナメントが前倒しで開幕し、今大会で一回戦5試合が行われる。昨年ファイナリストのKIDと須藤元気の2名はシード扱い。一回戦勝者5名、主催者推薦選手1名を合わせた計8名が準々決勝に進出する。よって2階級とも、8月大会では準々決勝4試合ずつが行われ、10/9 横浜アリーナ大会で準決勝・決勝・リザーブ戦が行われる日程となった。 ミドル級トーナメント一回戦の出場予定選手は宇野薫、所英男、上山龍紀、門馬秀貴、ビトー・“シャオリン”・ヒベイル、アレッシャンドリ・フランカ・ノゲイラ、イヴァン・メンジヴァー、ブラックマンバ、オーレ・ローセンの9人。レミギウス・モリカビュチスは試合が続いたため、怪我を治すため出場を見送る。残り1名および5試合の組み合わせは1週間以内に発表される。


Japan MMA and YAKUZA

"Weekly GENDAI"has KAWAMATA seiya long interview .
He was INOKI BOM BA YE producer,but He do coming out about connection to black society,
surprise,He was the boss of little japanese YAKUZA(mafia).

He said clearly PRIDE is also supported by YAKUZA,The are troubleshooter of DSE...

Friday, April 07, 2006


some news

Sorry for long blog stop.too lazy

and this server has many system bother me.

some topics

:::Sakakibara DSE president said,"Iam plannning new tournament style,Fedor is seed,so second tournament fighters are 7men.
So,We match make tournament 1st match not 7matchs but 8or 9 match,So 8-9 winners come,and 7men are seelected by fan's this sytem,boring winner is abandoned"

KONDO Yuki has long holiday for ovaehall of his body by his long fighthistory? weekly gong guess so

SAEKI Sigeru Bushido producer"SIMONOV is back to PRIDE,it is clear,absolute truth"

and he said"Toyron7s next fight? it is delecate..........something"

GONO AKIHIRO will be member of BUSHIDO welter tournament.
He said
"I do not like TAKIMOTO Makoto,I want to fight him"

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