Saturday, August 26, 2006


latest KAMIPRO expect josh become Winner of GP

Latest KAMIPRO ask their magazine commentator,16men.
"Who is the slastman atanding in PRIDE GP?"

Top is Josh,
next Minotaur.

I also think josh is winner.


North Korea fighter come to INOKI Event?

INOKI visited North Korea.And heb said NJPW call North Korea Boxing fighter.But maybe Japan goverment do not allow it........

now,INOKI become crazy

Thursday, August 24, 2006


DSE has new TV network sponcer?

MMA journalist TAKASU Motoichiro said.

"DSE MMA event will be on air not FUJI TV but TV Asahi.maybe at that time, event title will be changed,Rumor says new evend code name is "CONDOL""

Monday, August 14, 2006


"You will kill SAKURABA!"MAEDAAkira angry

MAEDA Akira,who is super adviser get angry with HERO'S staff.
HERO'S 8/5 SAKU's fight ,

Maeda said,When SAKU was down,Refree should have stopped,
This Refering gives fighters danger


TV Asahi start PRIDE?

Former KAKUTO Densetu magazine editor TAKASU said that TV Asahi start PRIDE on air instead of FUJI TV.

But I doubt it

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